Technology and education

Simulation and virtualisation are technologies which assist students in gaining experience in workplace settings without any real life consequences.

A good example of that is Tamesa being the only tertiary institute in New Zealand to have a private cloud infrastructure, so students have exclusive secure access to their labs and practical work at any time and from anywhere.

Our collaboration with the HIT lab, supports students' development and learning in a safe environment. The end goal being to improve the learner's experience with technology.

Tamesa continues to work at:

  • developing the creative use of mobile technology (using smart phones and tablets) 
  • support seamless personal learning environments for learners both in formal and workplace-based learning 
  • structuring authentic assessments in the form of eportfolios or learner constructed content. 

Tamesa welcomes those who are interested in partnering with us to work on and research your ideas. Please Dr Margaret Leonard for more information.

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