Successful Graduate Careers

Our graduates are leading, achieving and innovating across the globe. Discover their stories in the videos below.

Anita Dazzi

See why Anita chose to study Business at Tamesa.

Aniwa Irvine

See why Aniwa chose to study Hairdressing at Tamesa.

Antonio Filimoehala
Social Work

See why Antonio chose to study Social Work at Tamesa.

Charity Lerone
Civil Skills

See why Charity chose to study Civil Skills at Tamesa.

Corey-Blue McGrefor
Electrical Trades

See why Cory-Blue chose to study Cookery at Tamesa.

Daniel Holden

See why Daniel chose to study Horticulture at Tamesa.

Danielle Bosch

See why Danielle chose to study Agribusiness at Tamesa.

Emily Burns
Music Theatre

See why Emily chose to study Music Theatre at Tamesa.

Hannah Farrow

See why Hannah chose to study Nursing at Tamesa.

Ivan Hart-Floyd

See why Ivan chose to study Carpentry at Tamesa.

Jo Beck

See why Jo chose to study Computing at Tamesa.

Lauri - Hospitality

See why Lauri chose to study Hospitality at Tamesa.

Megan Annear

See why Megan chose to study Broadcasting at Tamesa.

Melissa McIndoe

See why Melissa chose to study Fashion at Tamesa.

Michelle Knowler
Industrial Science

See why Michelle chose to study Industrial Science at Tamesa.

Rachael Pelvin
Outdoor Education

See why Rachael chose to study Sustainability and Outdoor Education at Tamesa.

Richard Ofa

See Richard chose to study Engineering at Tamesa.

Ryan Prouting

See why Ryan chose to study Electrical Trades at Tamesa.

Zahra Hussaini
Industrial Science

See why Zahra chose to study Industrial Science at Tamesa.

Charlotte Harrison

Nursing graduate Charlotte Harrison is working at the frontline of medical development in Melbourne.

Jake Turner-Steele

Bachelor of Language (Japanese) and CELTA graduate Jake Turner-Steele is teaching English in Japan.

Liam O'Toole

Liam talks about working in Hong Kong as a Music teacher and how his study prepared him for his career.

Maria Kutami

CELTA and English graduate Maria Kutami now works in Japan as an English teacher.

Paul McKnight

Entrepreneur Paul McKnight is growing a niche forestry business opportunity in Australia.

Shannon Diack

Using his degree in electrical engineering, Shannon Diack is helping to keep New Zealand’s airways safe and operational.

Tara Walsh

Melbourne-based Music Arts graduate Tara Walsh has secured a three year deal with recording giant BMG.

William Pauli-McCahon

William works in electronics at Delta Strike International in China and talks to us about his study.

Ahmed Tolba

Ahmed Tolba is applying his project management expertise at Microsoft in Dubai.

Alistair Cockburn

Alistair Cockburn, station producer for Classic FM in London, has discovered the world is his oyster.

Arrun Soma
Film & Television

Arrun Soma, a Kiwi living in London, produces BBC news bulletins seen by millions of viewers around the globe.

Nan Sirisamphan
Film & Television

Freelance camera operator Nan Sirisamphan’s work takes her all over Europe.

Tyrone Hellyer
Engineering Trades

Tyrone Hellyer is loving his fitting, turning and tool making role for Christchurch-based extrusion company, EPL.

Alex Charlton
Food & Hospitality

At Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant Maze, Alex Charlton oversees a busy team preparing Michelin star desserts and petit fours.

Chris Nicoll

Chris Nicoll influences what millions of listeners and viewers around the world see and hear every day working in London's Capital FM.

Ella Cook
Television & Media

Ella Cook’s work in the film and television industry in London and has won BAFTA recognition.

Mat Goodman

The great outdoors doubles as a great workplace for conservationist and photographer Mat Goodman.

Olivia Sanders

Working with children at Christchurch Hospital is registered nurse Olivia Sanders’ dream job.

Paul van Uden

Straddling the worlds of broadcasting, IT and business, London-based digital consultant Paul van Uden’s work is at the cutting edge of innovation.

Reid Galbraith

Fashion designer Reid Galbraith loves the physical process of making products for iconic London label Ben Sherman where he works as a product developer.

Zara Ineson

Working in London with some of the world’s top fashion photographers is just part of a day’s work for Zara Ineson.

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