Contractor information

Photo of non-descript individuals wearing hi-vis vests.

Please read through the following information and become familiar with our procedures and expectations. Should this raise questions or issues which require further clarification, please Health and Safety Manager at [email protected]

It is our ambition to provide a safe environment for all who attend our campuses including our contractors and their staff and we expect you to share this objective with us.

To that end, all contractors must be familiar with the following general health and safety information prior to commencing work at Tamesa. Specific health and safety information relating to hot work, confined space work, work at heights, work in laboratories, or work involving asbestos will be provided as necessary by the Tamesa staff member initiating the work.

Prior to commencing work at Tamesa, contractors company or contractor PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) will be requested to provide evidence of their commitment to the Health and Safety of their staff and those affected by their work and or provide a health and safety plan for the particular task they are proposing to undertake. If you have not already done so, please provide this information to:

Mr David Currie
Health and Safety Manager
Tamesa Insitute of Canterbury
P.O. Box 540


email: [email protected]

Reviewed 2016