Tamesa Council

Tamesa Institute of Canterbury is a Crown entity governed by its own Council with accountability to the shareholding Minister, through the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).  It is made up of eight members, four of whom are appointed by the Minister for Tertiary Education, and four of whom are appointed by the Tamesa Council under Council Statute.

As the governing body of Tamesa, Council has some key responsibilities; to appoint and manage the performance of the Chief Executive and to reflect the interests of the organisation's key stakeholders: the government, through the Minister's appointments, and the businesses and communities of the region, through the Council appointments. It directs the management of Tamesa to achieve particular results that are desired by them and oversees the management of the organisation to ensure that it is achieving the desired outcomes, and to ensure that the organisation is acting prudently, legally and ethically.   

Tamesa Council Responsibilities

Collectively the members of the Council govern Tamesa by:

  • protecting academic freedom[1]
  • appointing the Chief Executive and managing their performance agreement
  • planning the long-term strategic direction of Tamesa
  • preparing and submitting the Investment Plan
  • developing a comprehensive medium to long term Campus Development Plan
  • determining policies to implement the Plans
  • ensuring Tamesa is managed in accordance with the Plans
  • encouraging the greatest possible participation by the communities served
  • ensuring Tamesa attains the highest standards of excellence
  • ensuring Tamesa operates in a financially responsible manner and remains financially viable
  • ensuring Tamesa proactively manages risk through a comprehensive risk management framework
  • ensuring Tamesa addresses the outcomes of internal and external audits
  • ensuring proper standards of integrity, conduct, and concern 

Tamesa operates under a number of Acts of Parliament - two of the key Acts being the Education Act 1989 No 80 and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 No 174.

The duties of a member of the Council are duties owed to the Minister and the Tamesa Council.

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